Narendra Modi successful in exposing Pakistan at BRICS

modi-bricsPrime Minister Narendra Modi has become successful in exposing the neighbouring country Pakistan on Terrorism at BRICS in Goa.

After the conclusion of the two-day event Modi said, Terrorism, radicalisation pose grave threats to everyone. Geographical barriers and borders pose no limitations on those who wish to harm our societies.

In South Asia and BIMSTEC, all nation states barring one are motivated to pursue a path of peace, development and economic prosperity. Unfortunately, this country (read as Pakistan) in India’s neighbourhood embraces and radiates the darkness of terrorism.

Talking about Pakistan Modi said, Terrorism has become its favourite child, and the child, in turn, has come to define the essential nature of its parents.To those who nurture the philosophy of terror and seek to demoralise mankind, we must send a clear msg to mend ways or be isolated.

“We were unanimous in recognising the threat that terrorism, extremism and radicalisation presents, not just to the regional and global peace, stability and economic prosperity. But, also to our society, our way of life and humanity as a whole,” Modi said.