Narendra Modi to observe fast against Parliament disruption

rp_gst-modi-300x157.jpgPrime minister Narendra Modi to observe day-long fast against Parliament disruption on April 12th.

All BJP MPs across the nation will also join the fast against disruptions during the budget session of parliament. BJP party president Amit Shah will also fast along with the Prime Minister. It has also been decided that MPs will not take the salary for the days that went for a disruption in parliament.

On the other hand, the Congress has criticised the decision taken by the Prime Minister for waiting for a week after the end of Parliament. The second phase of the Budget Session has been halted with the protests of AIADMK for 23 days. The opposition has alleged that the central government has raised concerns over AIADMK MPs to prevent any discussion on the non-confidence motion moved by the Telugu Desam, YSRCP and Congress.