Narendra modi congratulates for passing of GST Bill

modiFinance Minister Arun Jaitley holds a press conference on passing of GST Bill in Rajya sabha.

He said, Every party in the parliamnet has supported the bill and it was passed with unanimity, except for the AIADMK who walked out.

The prices of goods and commodities will come down with implementation of the bill . Doing business will be much easier, it would help traders and business people. 60,000 people will be trained in GST and IT framework.

While the Prime Minister Narendra modi congratulated for passing of GST Bill.

He stated..On this truly historic occasion of the passage of the GST Bill in the Rajya Sabha, I thank the leaders and members of all parties.Our MPs must be congratulated for their path breaking decision to give India an indirect tax system for the 21st century.We continue to work with all parties & states to introduce a system that benefits all Indians & promotes a vibrant & unified national market.This reform will promote @makeinindia, help exports & thus boost employment while providing enhanced revenue.I would like to add that GST will also be the best example of cooperative federalism. Together we will take India to new heights of progress.(sic)