Narendra Modi addresses Indians in Kenya

modi-kenyaPrime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian community in Nairobi In Kenya.

He said, “We are those people who have considered the entire world as “one family”, That is why when we talk about strengthening Africa-India ties, we also think of the well being of the entire world.

India is not a selfish nation, only bothered about ourselves. We believe in “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.India’s real ambassadors are my Indian brothers and sisters spread all over the world.”

He said “I have visited so many countries but never have I heard any complaint from Govts about Indians living in their respective countries.When I was Gujarat CM, I once visited Kerala. They organised a great feast when there was news of rains in Kutch. I was surprised as Kerala receives immense rains yet they did not enjoy till it rained in Kutch, such is the connection in India.

The world is facing an economic crisis but India is growing at a quick pace.Last 2 years,India faced drought like situation despite this we have been able to project 7.6 % growth rate.But we won’t be stopping here, we have to attain 8% growth rate, for which we are taking various measures.

Today India is transforming,its because of the dedication and determination of 1.25 billion people of India.Questions were raised when I announced from the Red Fort that 18000 villages will b electrified in 1000 days.What could not be achieved in 70 years how will this Govt achieve in 1000 days?, they asked.I’m sure, we’ll achieve this before 1000 days.”

He said” Youth in India are intelligent, they have the strength to “turn soil into gold” in foreign land as well.World is facing 2 problems, today- Global warming & Terrorism.India’s message for the world is that people who believe in humanity must come together to fight anti-human elements.”