Water leakage in AP Secretariat is small issue : AP Minister

narayanaWater started leaking at Andhra Pradesh (AP) Secretariat and Legislative Assembly building at Amaravati, due to heavy rains.

A monsoon rain has exposed the hollowness of the construction of the building which was built with hundreds of crores.

AP Secretariat Roof Plates got damaged due to heavy rains and started leaking water inside. The ceiling was completely damaged in Revenue departments Stamps and Registrations chamber in 4th block.

CRDA officers say that the ceiling was made in view of avoiding fire accidents which are getting damaged because of rains. The rain water is also getting into chambers through the glasses of windows as the heavy wind is blowing along with heavy rains.

AP minister Narayana who is also a member of CRDA said. it is a small issue and asked media to exaggerate it. He said it can be rectified by cutting the duct sheet which came out of the wall.