Nara Rohit on footsteps of Super star

nara-rohitNara Rohit has become the busiest actors in Tollywood , He is on signing spree  after his last release Asura. He is following the footsteps of Super star Krishna, who always used to have at least half a dozen films in hand .

He has signed around 9 projects of which 5 are filming , two are in pre-production ,one has just announced and one is ready for release titled Sankara.

The films which are under shoot include, Pandagala Vachadu, Savitri, Appatla Okadundevadu , Tuntari and Jo Achyutananda , Veerudu & Kathalo Rajakumari are under pre-production.

And latest, Rohit has given his nod to a film titled Raja Cheyyi Veste in debutante Pradeep’s direction.