Nara Lokesh satires on KCR and KTR

nara-lokeshTDP national party chief secretary Nara Lokesh campaigned for TDP-BJP candidates in GHMC elections .

He participated in road shows in Malkajgiri division .Speaking during the roadshow He said, Telangana CM K.Chandrasekhar rao and his son KTR are trying to lure people with false claims. TRS has announced to make Hyderabad into International city , But failed to provide basic amenities like pure drinking water and good drainage system in last 19 months. TRS is still blaming the TDP which is out of power in last 10 years in Telangana.

He promised to solve drinking water problems in next 6 months if people get TDP candidate elected. He also criticised KCR for his tall claims of cleaning the Hussain sagar . He said, Road, parks, DWCRA, Flyovers were built by TDP , but in last 19 months TRS has done nothing to the city. He said ‘Car’ belongs to Rich and ‘Cycle’  belongs to poor. He proudly claimed that his grandfather late Sr.NTR and his father Chandrababu Naidu has developed the city in last 3 decades.

At Macha Bollaram , Lokesh participated in Rod show, He said, KTR is unaware of the fact as who developed Hyderabad. When he searched ‘Hyderabad’ in google, Only Charminar, Buddha statue and Hi Tech city are seen , the last are built by TDP, said Lokesh.