Nara Lokesh announce Chandrababu Naidu family assets

rp_nara-lokesh-300x221.jpgThe assets of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu were announced by his son and minister Nara Lokesh. He said the purchase price is being announced.

He said, According to market value, the value of assets is changing. It is said that this is the seventh consecutive year when it comes to declaring its assets. There are no other political family in the country to announce in such a way . Some people are making allegations against our family.

YSRCP chief Jagan has never claimed his own assets. His assets are announced by CBI and ED. While YSR filed 17 cases on Heritage, nothing was proven, Lokesh said.

Details of assets
Chandrababu net assets: Rs.2.53 crore
Bhubaneswari net assets: Rs 25.41 crore
Lokesh net assets: Rs 15.21 crore
Brahmani net assets: Rs 15.01 crores
Devenish net assets: Rs.11.54 crore