Nannaku Prematho Movie Review – Concept Thriller

npMovie : Nannaku Prematho
Cast : NTR,Rakul Preet Singh,Jagapathi Babu,Rajendra Prasad
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematographer : Vijay K Chakaravarthy
Producer : BVSN Prasad
Banner : SVCC,Reliance Entertainment
Director : Sukumar Rating 3.25/5


Abhiram(NTR) loses his job and starts his own stock broking company named KMC to provide employment for people. In the meantime his father Ramesh Chandra Prasad(Rajendra Prasad) falls sick as he was been cheated by his close friend , Cunning Business Tycoon, Krishnamurthi(Jagapathi Babu) , To fulfill his father’s last wish to see the downfall of Krishnamurthy, Abhiram takes a oath to take revenge on Krishnamurthy in 30 days. He Calls it’ operation 0′ . His first step is, He flies to London in search of Krishnamurthi and traps his daughter Divyanka (Rakul Preet Singh) in love. Rahul gets kidnapped and Abiram use his intelligence to rescue her. Abi has clarity over Love and Revenge.

Intelligent Krishnamurthi comes to known about the real intentions of Abiram and Abi challenges to bring down Krishnamurthy’s business empire and drag him on to the streets. After lot of mindgames between Abhiram and Krishnamurthi, Abhiram makes a fail attempt to hack Krishnamurthy’s bank accounts , Divyanka comes to known about Abiram and starts hating him . Will Abiram fulfill his father’s wish? What happens to Abiram – Divyanka Love? . Forms the Plot !!


Undoubtedly NTR’s performance as Abhiram has once again proved himself as one of the great actors of Tollywood. His role in the film shall be remembered as one of his best. He steals the show with his fantastic performance. He gave a stunning performance during Pre interval, pre Climax and Climax. His body language, Look , dialogue delivery has complete changed in the film. Rakul preeth has proved as an actor apart her glamorous appeal.

Jagapathi babu looks uber cool, Stylish and his performance is praise worth. He is apt for the villain role in the film.Entire movie revolves around Rajendra prasad’s revenge but his role is very adequate . Rajeev Kanakala , Avasarala Srinivas, Asish Vidyardhi and Madhu Bala as Rahu’s mother – A long term prisoner, were good in their roles.


Director Sukra has shown his mark of making in the film , He has presented the film with a different format leaving aside the regular commercial format, especially presenting the Villain in the film.
The way he portrayed the Butterfly Effect- “Change one thing. Change everything” and his conceptual design in executing fights are spell bounding. He once again tried to teach Maths & science lessons in this film too.

Cinematographer C.Chakraborty is the biggest asset for the film. He beautifully presented the locations of Spain and London. The pre climax chase and the song were pictured fantastically.

Devi Sri Prasad mesmerized with his music , the music of the film has increased the range of the film commercially. Especially the song in the climax , will haunt the audience even after coming out of theaters. The background music was extraordinary. Editing,Action, Dialogue and production values were good. However the movie may disappoint the regular audience who are addicted to regular commercial films. The one who really like to see new type of films will definitely like this film.


No commercial elements
some scenes in 2nd half
Length of the film.

Overall, The movie is a perfect combination of beauty and brain with no much commercial elements . Solid performance of NTR , Slow pace of the film may give mixed results


Concept Thriller – Above Average