Nannaku Prematho may miss Premiers in USA

nannaku-tensionsJr Ntr’s upcoming film Nannaku Prematho might miss the premises in USA, which are scheduled on Tuesday on Jan 12th.

The film is supposed to complete its censor formalities on Jan 8th but has been delayed due to the delay in post-production works and last minute dubbing corrections. The censor of the film has been postponed to Jan 11.

It means that Drives of the film can be shipped through Monday night 9pm flight, which are likely to reach USA on Tuesday. If content is uploaded it might reach by Monday evening , but theaters can receive it only on Tuesday.

Sources say, In the worst case, Only 30% theaters can premier the film and the rest 70% cannot go for premiers.

This is not the first time , earlier the overseas distributer Cinegalaxy has faced such improper planning issues sever times and lost few hundreds of Dollars.