Nani waiting for Rajamouli’s call

nani-rajamouliGenerally directors wait for Hero’s call, But SS Rajamouli is the only director in Tollywood who makes heroes to wait for his call.

Actor Nani, who is busy with his upcoming film Majnu promotions , stated that he is just waiting for Rajamouli’s call to leave aside all his film to work under Baahubali director.

He said, Rajamouli is such a director with whom every star want to work in lifetime. He is grateful to the director for giving the opportunity in Eaga and again wants to work in future. He said, He would run and leave all his project if Rajamouli ropes him for a film.

He also said, In recent times, Young directors are coming to him with innovative stories and he wished to do all those films, but he could not. Those stores would become superhits even if they made with other heroes.