Nani defends over ‘Not His Fan’ controversy

nani-33Actor Nani who is busy with the promotions of his upcoming film Ninnu Kori , defends himself on the recent controversy “NotHisFan”.

Recently after Nani took a class for his die-hard fan, the fan changed his DP on Twitter “Not His fan”.

Reacting on this Nani said, He has thanked the fan many times for being his fan. When the fan got excited for his thanks can’t he take one small word from him? questioned Nani.

he said He has warned the fan for similar thing long ago & told him the same. It was his job to see that his fans don’t offend the people working for him.

He added that He wanted to correct an extended family member (fan) & didn’t want to hurt anyone. He said He is against fan wars and so he had to correct him.