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nandini-nursing-home-reviewMovie : Nandini Nursing Home
Cast: Naveen Vijay Krishna , Sravya, Nitya Shakalaka Shankar, Saptagiri,Vennela Kishore ,Jayaprakash reddy
Music: Achi
Directed by: P V Giri
Producer : Radhakishore,Bikshamaiah
Banner: S V C Entertainments PVT Ltd 3.25/5


Chandu (Naveen Vijay Krishna) is a middle-class guy works as Loan recovery agent. He falls in love with his neighborhood girl Amulya (Sravya) , she also likes Chandu. Suddenly Chandu loses his job and also lose Amulya’s love, in turn, lose faith in Love. He stars fearing girls and maintain distance.Desperate Chandu joins as a Doctor in his friend Naidu (Shakalaka Shankar) help in a nursing home with fake certificates.

Here again, one more girl who tends to be Nandi Nursing home’s MD daughter Nandini(Nithya) falls in love with Chandu. Will Nandini comes to know that Chandu is a fake doctor?, How Chandu was able to treat patients being a fake doctor?, Whom did Nandini father Murthy(Jaya Prakash) wants to kill in the Hospital?, What is relationship between the Ghost and the characters in the film?, Forms the story.


Naveen Krishna acted as a seasoned actor in his debut film, he was able to perform emotions and comedy with an ease. Heroine Sravya and Nithya were okay. Vennela Kishore played as a Hardcore chain snatcher while .Shakalaka Shankar entertained as Male Nurse. Saptagiri and Jayaprakash Reddy comedy was good. Shakalaka Shankar’s Srikakulam accent, Vennela Kishore as coma patient was hilarious.


Technically, Shivendra cinematography, Sekhar Chandra’s music was good. Although there are too many twists in the film , but the director was able to handle them without any confusion or ambiguity . However, the film misses the logic completely .

Nandini Nursing Home is a crime comedy film with Horror element in it. The film starts like a Love story but takes so many twists in between. It creates some kind of confusion among audience as what they are watching?. Keeping Logic aside, the audience will thoroughly enjoy the film . The story picks up pace after Naveen turn into a Doctor .

Director has to be credited for generating comedy with the patients of the nursing home. The story takes a new turn with Ghost entry in the store room of the nursing home. While the murders of Doctors will create some curiosity till the climax.After revealing the conspiracy behind the attack on Murthy, Tension further builds up in the film. Overall with many twists , humor, and thrills, Nandi Nursing Home entertains to the core.

+ Story
+ Comedy

– The lack of speed
– The story lacks Logic

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