Nandi Awards Jury member explains reasons for 9 awards to Legend

legendAfter a scathing attack on the Nandi Awards committee for neglecting the Mega family actors films and other films and giving away awards to TDP close aides, Nandi Awards Jury member Prasanna kumar gave his explanation.

Nandi Awards 2014 were being most criticised for giving 9 Nandi awards to a political-violence film like Legend.

Nandi Awards Jury member Prasanna kumar explained the reasons for giving the 9 awards to Legend.He said,  “Its not a good idea to criticise them for giving 9 awards to Legend .There is a good message in the film. There is a scene Hero opposing infants killings and also talked about MLA defections and the buying politics. Legend has been selected as the best film of 2014 for considering these factors. The film has completed 1000 days at a center.”