Nandamuri fans and Mega fans Match fixing at Tirupati

There used to be days when Nandamuri  fans and Mega fans   used to argue and fight over their favorite heroes and their records and sometimes it used to even go aboard and extend to caste based fights and Morphing pictures on websites appeared with lot of site excusively existed for this perpose.But now both fans have identified a common enemy and fight against him and similar culprits.He is none other than Mahesh Babu.

Mahesh is the driving force which made both rival fans groups to join together , the records created by Dokudu ,Businessman was the target for them.At the same time Ramcharan came for NTR’s Badshah launch helped to move closer at ground level  among fan groups. This strategy has turned very positively to Cherry’s Racha as Nandamuri fans never commented any thing bad about Racha and Racha became super hit.

Keeping all these in view Nandamuri fans at Tirupati have invited Mega fans  to NTR’s Dhammu film premier show which is releasing on 27th april for its early morning special show and Mega fans believed to said ok for this gesture. Hope this Match fixing continues in future for Gabbar Singh.