Namitha Shocked by Director’s proposal !!

Cute and sexy actress Namitha who later turned to be a plumpy and fat actress encountered a shocking experience in the recent past. It is well known that Namitha is trying to use her alluring physic by wearing tight dresses to enthrall spectators. It seems that a film director was impressed with her guts and approached her to rope her into a lesbian character in his film. Hearing the word and the proposal, Namitha was absolutely shocked and immediately asked the film director to move away from the place. A part of analysts are saying that, “There is nothing wrong in doing such a role. In fact, Anushka accepted to act in a prostitute role and she took it as a challenge. There are several films which focuses on gay and lesbian concepts.” Another part of analysts are saying that, “Namitha made a good decision to reject such an offer. A film should inspire audience but it shouldn’t make them think in a wrong way.”