Nakshatram movie Review – Faded star

nakshatram-reviewTitle: Nakshatram
Cast: Sandeep Kishan, Sai dharam Tej, Regina, Pragya Jaiswal, Tanish, Prakash Raj
Music: Mani Sharma, Bhims, Bharat Madhusudan, Hari Gaura
Directed by: Krishna Vamsi
Producer: K. Srinivasulu, S. Venugopal, Saju rating 2.75/5
Rama Rao (Sandeep) aims to become a Sub Inspector. His father, grandfather, great-grandfather, had been working as police for three generations, so he believes he has the police blood. Even though he is poor in English, he learns to get ready for exams. When he is one step back to become an SI, he faces a problem from Rahul (Tanish), son of commissioner Rama Brahmam. Keeping the old revenge in mind Rahul with his friends stops Ramarao attending the examination.

Rama Rao is disappointed as his dreams are shattered. On the other hand, the girlfriend (Regina) presents him police costume and he decides to dress in those costumes and show them to his family members.Later he decides to do police job unofficially.

Rama Rao catches Criminal Mukhtar who carries bombs in his car, In the process to escape, the bombs including the car explodes, Rama Rao rescues Mukhtar and hides him in his house. Rama Rao confronts with Kiran Reddy (Pragya Jaiswal) in the police uniform named Alexander. Seeing the name Alexander, she hand over him to the Police Commissioner.

Police Commissioner who is searching for Alexander (Sai Dharam Tej) tries to find to how Rama Rao got the dress. Who’s that Alexander? Why is the Commissioner looking for him? What is the relationship between Alexander and Kiran Reddy? Will Rama Rao’s dream to become SI is fulfilled?

Sandeep Kishan impressed with his performance especially as mass youth, he also impressed with his emotional performance. Tanish was apt for the negative role. Although Sai Dharam Tej cameo was very small, he lived in that role. Regina’s role is confined to glamor while Pragya Jaiswal has donned glamor part along with Actions scenes. In other roles, Prakash Raj, JD Chakravarti, Shivaji Raja and Brahmaji have done justice to their roles.

Director Krishnaswamy was once again disappointed with his film when it was crucial for his career. The director once again tried to combine elements of crime, love, and patriotism but did not impress. The drawbacks of the film are, he had no clarity over characterizations, he could not drag the audience attention towards the plot.

Nakshatram is a basically a police backdrop film which deals with drugs and weapons. The first half goes in introducing all the characters in the story and Sandeep’s dream to become a police officer is showcased. The main plot starts in the second half.

The story picks up the pace in second half after a search begins for Alexander. Although they are two heroes the film lacks heroism. At one stage Pragya Jaiswal looks like the hero of this story. However, The climax was impressive.

The songs are a waste , Mani Sharma’s background score is impressive. Cinematography, editing, and production values are in line with film demands. Overall, The film is an attempt to tell the honesty of the police department.

+ Pragya Jaiswal
+ Second half
+ Climax
– Old plot
– first half

Nakshatram – Faded star