Naidu’s strong plan to strengthen TDP in Telangana

naiduTDP Party national president Chandrababu Naidu has suggested that the state leadership should move forward with a stronger plan to strengthen the Telugu Desam Party in Telangana.

Chandrababu met the Telangana TDP Polit Bureau and central committee members at his residence in Hyderabad. Babu, who met with the party leaders for nearly a one and a half hour, gave direction on the latest developments. Babu called for taking Telugu Desam Palleppelalu program to all villages until March 29. Babu said he would attend a massive public meeting in Khammam soon after the state leadership would go to the people.

Babu has agreed to advise of the leaders to conduct three public meetings within Mahanadu. Babu said he wanted to talk only about the facts of the alliance later. Now the party leaders should focus on strengthening the party. Babu said the party would be in the two states.There is nothing wrong with some leaders leaving the party. He has ordered to complete the constituency committees by the end of May. The meeting was attended by leaders L Ramana, Santha Venkata Veeraiah, Nama Nageswara Rao, Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy, Peddireddy and others.