Naidu’s forefathers also can’t pluck my hair out :KCR

kcrTelangana Chief minister in his press conference stated that Why would he arrest Andhra chief minister Chandrababu Naidu?… ACB is their to do it.

Reacting to Naidu’s statement “If Telangana govt arrest me, it will be the last day of KCR regime ; KCR said, Its shows arrogance of Naidu that he says democratically elected Telangana govt won’t survive even a day if he is arrested. Why would he arrest Andhra chief minister Chandrababu Naidu?… ACB is their to do it.He further said, Even Naidu’s forefathers cannot pluck his hair out ( ‘‘ నువ్వు కాదు నీ తాత జేజమ్మ కూడా మా వెంట్రుక కూడా పీకలేరు’’ ).

Regarding telephone tapping he said,  Sometimes Naidu say that it is not his voice, sometimes he says that audio is cut & paste, he should come clear on this .We have not tapped anyone’s phone, we have not done anything illegal, we know our limits. The moment Revanth Reddy approached our MLAs they went to ACP & DGP, said Telangana CM, K Chandrashekhar Rao. He questioned , Did TDP MLA caught-red-handed or not?, Did Naidu spoke to Stephenson or not?. He said , Chandrababu is thief caught publicly. How did Naidu thought that he would win a MLC with 16 supporters?.

He said, He is sure that Central government under Narendra Modi will not support these kind of activities of Naidu in response to Naidu’s Delhi trip.

Lambasting on Naidu’s ethics in politics He asked , Did Naidu not take two MPs, seven MLAs, 3 MLC from Ysrcp & 6 from congress in AP, was that ethical?,asked KCR. He alleged that Naidu has illegally took over the 7 mandals of Telangana ,this states his greediness.

He said, He has alerted the Congressmen when TDP was trying to purchase two members of that party . By making loud shouts one cannot escape from law. BTW, what is the need for me to arrest Naidu..ACB is there to do, added KCR.