Naidu launches AP Purse app for Cashless economy

ap-purseAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu does it again, He always stands first to adopt new technologies and provide better services to the people.

Post Demonetization, AP becomes the first state to go for the cashless economy by launching AP Purse mobile app service.

Over 13 mobile banking and 10 mobile wallets are available in the AP purse at present.

Naidu said, AP Purse will also lead to a mindset change from cash-driven to cashless transaction-driven society. This will happen gradually.

People can pay their bills using the app and carry out their cash transactions. Students s would be encouraged to train people in mobile banking transactions using several wallets.

He said, AP has introduced cashless transactions at fair price shops using Aadhar linkage to provide relief to people.