Naidu lashed out at Jagan over Shoot CM comments

rp_Chandrababu-Naidu-warns-his-rivals-over-Rayalaseema-300x289-300x289-300x289-1-300x289.jpgAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu lashed out at the YSR Congress Party chief Jagan Mohan Reddy over the latter’s “Shoot CM / Hang CM / strip CM “.

Addressing a meeting in Nandyal Naidu said, TDP is working for development and welfare of minorities. I am working hard for the state and the people Do I deserve to be ” shot, hanged or ripped off
? , Is the language used by the opposition leader is acceptable ?.

Naidu told people that Jagan is sending wrong signals to the next generations using such language and asked people to point out his mistakes.

He said not to believe Jagan’s gestures like placing his hands on heads, catching the chins , The Opposition leaders are acting like demons and spreading rumours among my supporters,” he said.

Naidu will resume his second-day campaign on Sunday in the Kurnool district and visit Gospadu .