Naidu holds meeting with high level officers

Naidu-4774With the latest development in Revanth’s cash-for-vote case as Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao takes Delhi route and met the Prime minister Narendra Modi and the Home minister Rajnath Singh to inform them about Naidu’s involvement , AP Chandrababu Naidu called upon a high level meeting today

With the reports coming from Delhi that Center is not going to support Naidu on this issue , Naidu called upon meeting to discuss his next move . He had meeting with DGP Ramudu, Intelligence IG Anuradha and other senior officials.

Naidu asked them to proceed the investigation on Telephone tapping and gather the required proofs to corner the Telangana government and show it as the real culprit . IPS Malakondaiah has also met the CM .