Naidu directs MPs to fight for Kapu reservations

rp_naidu-300x232.jpgAndhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu wants TDP MPs to fight on the Center for Kapu reservations along with special status and bifurcation guarantees. He conducted the teleconference with TDP MPs and directed them to follow the strategies in Parliament.

Babu said that the law of kapu reservation was sent to the Center. It has been pending for 9 months and suggested MPs to increase the pressure on the centre to include reservation for the kapus. This issue should also be mentioned in Parliament. The comments made on the Kapus reservation by Jagan were also mentioned in the teleconference.

TDP’s supremo said the focus of the public on the fight of MPs for division guarantees and special status. Leaders should use every opportunity for the exercise of AP rights. The promises made in the Parliament are not yet implemented. He urged to intensify the fight for the Kadapa steel industry and Vizag railway zone. There is a good response to the fighting through Dharma porata sabhas, said Naidu.