Naidu degrading dignity of AP on Foreign soil : YSRCP

rp_Chander-Babu-Naidu-298x300-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-1-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-298x300-298x300-1-298x300.jpgThe opposition YSRCP condemns Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu made during the week-long visit to the United States of America.

Speaking to reporters, YSRCP spokesperson Ambati Rambabu said, Chandrababu Naidu was speaking ill of the state meeting with the Governor of California. He said Naidu told the Governor that There is no capital city, the division of the state was unscientific and was done in a haste shows the manner, degrading the dignity of the state on Foreign soil.

Naidu speaking ill about the state is highly objectionable. Naidu’s tour cost is more than the foreign investments to the state.