Naidu confident to return back to power

rp_Chandrababu-Naidu-warns-his-rivals-over-Rayalaseema-300x289-300x289-300x289-1-300x289-1-300x289-300x289-1-300x289-300x289-1-300x289-1-300x289-300x289-1-300x289-300x289-300x289-1-300x289.jpgAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu expressed confidence to the return back to power in 2019 in Telangana.

He said TDP will gain support from the public and the party will once again come into power. TDP leaders in Telangana have fought for the party. The party workers have trusted him for 35 years.

Speaking about TDP alliance with BJP He said, He never breaks Mitra dharma. In case BJP wants to differ, He will do namaskar. He hinted that TDP would not sever alliance with the BJP. Naidu interacted with TDP, TS Politburo, and Central Committee Leaders.