Naidu cancels birthday for farmers’ sake

Protesting against the severepower and farm sector crisis, TDP president NChandrababu Naidu has decided not to celebrate his 63rd birthday on Friday.

Naidu said he would participate in agitational programmes on his birthday in support of the farmers whose land was taken away by the state in the name of SEZs. “The state is experiencing unprecedented crises, one in the farm sector for want of remunerative prices and another in the power sector due to a severe shortage. ” The common man is in distress due to the steep rise in the prices of all essential commodities, especially those of food and vegetables.

“Due to the severe drought conditions, farmers are in distress and desperate for government support. Unfortunately, there is no government in the state. All those at the helm of affairs are pre-occupied with political skullduggery and have forsaken the people. Therefore, I have decided to cancel my birthday celebrations.