Naidu arrested

Naidu arrested

TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu was arrested by the police on Wednesday for squatting on the road, obstructing traffic, protesting against hike in the power tariff.

Naidu has led party’s protest at the Gagan Pahad sub-station in Ranga Reddy district. Party leaders and cadres tried to lay siege to the sub-station, when police prevented them. Naidu and others then sat on the road, blocking the traffic. Police then arrested Naidu and other leaders. Naidu was taken to the Shamshabad police station from where he was released.

Speaking on the occasion, Naidu said while there was surplus power during his rule, the Congress government has totally destroyed the system, forcing industries to close down and widespread unemployment. Pointing out that power was essential for industrialization, employment generation and development, Naidu has charged the Congress government of totally concentrating on corruption, leaving development to winds. He said the government proved itself to be incompetent in power management and generation. He said apart from people being thrown out of employment, he also said that students were unable to pursue their studies because of the power cuts. He said while the poor were suffering, Congress leaders were indulging in self-seeking and squabbling. He said the incompetent and corrupt Congress government allowed the power structure to collapse. He has claimed that his government has given quality power to the consumer and there was no shortage of power then. In fact there was surplus, he has claimed.

Naidu has also claimed that his government gave uninterrupted supply of quality power to farmers for nine-hours a day. He said the TDP government also had the unique distinction of having provided uninterrupted supply of power for 24 hours a day. He said while the TDP has handed over a surplus power sector and a surplus budget to the Congress in 2004, the Congress rulers had ruined both the power system and the economy. He said the Congress government which has enhanced the power charges by 3.700 crores in 2010, and Rs. 1500 cr. in 2011, has once again sought to enhance them by another 4,400 cr.

Naidu has also pointed out that the central government led by Congress has enhanced petroleum rates 20 times in the past. While the common man is being burdened with price hikes and taxes, his income levels were depleting, he has lamented. He has given a call to the people to dislodge the “Corrupt and Incompetent Congress government.