Naidu a Typewriter and Jagan a Apple Computer

naidu-jaganYSR Congress party firebrand leader RK Roja came down heaving on TDP and Chandrababu Naidu over propaganda in Yellow media that YSRCP MLAs are joining TDP.

She said, the party will take legal action against those channels , which are cooking bogus news .

She said, TDP is no more a is Padee !!, Describing TDP as a sinking boat and there is no need for the opposition MLAs to join that Party.

It is visible with GHMC elections, People have outrightly rejected TDP despite Naidu’s tall claims that he had developed the Hyderabad. To divert the attention of public from its failures , it has started the false propaganda.

She said, Jagan is ‘rising sun’ and Naidu is ‘setting sun ‘ and Jagan is ‘Apple Laptop computer’ while Naidui is a old typewriter.