Nagpur rave party 173 youngsters boozing include few Telugu guys

Nagpur police crime branch busted a rave party on Sunday night and nabbed 173 people, including 38 girls and 5 organizers. Most of them belonging to high class society people have been caught boozing and enjoying rave party in Nagpur. These include few Telugu people who were working at Nagpur for a MNC and some from Hyderabad too.  The police arrested them all, and sent them to hospital, to collect their blood samples. They will be subject to imprisonment if found guilty of consuming drugs. However, the social workers say that these police raids are done just for namesake and no strict action is being taken against those arrested.

People were invited for the party through social networking site Facebook and via bulk SMSes. The couple entry for the rave party was Rs 1,500 and stag entry was Rs 1,000. Police said that people were being served liquor and drugs at the party.