Nagarjuna plays a barrier in Roshan’s Nirmala Convent

nirmala-conventSrikanth’s son Roshan’s debut film Nirmala Convent is all set to release today.

The procedure of the film Nagarjuna expressed confidence on the success of the film. He said, Roshan is a promising actor , He looks like Srikanth with Ooha’s eyes . After seeing his first screen test, he thought Roshan was brilliant and people will just fall in love.

As part of promotions Nagarjuna and Roshan shared their experiences about the film. Roshan said, he was quite nervous to share screen with Nagarjuna during shooting , he even complained the same with his parents , but after three days he was able to do.

He further said, Nagarjuna plays a crucial role in the film , the pre climax will be a highlight . Nagarjuna plays a barrier role in his love story , he has to cross it to win his love .

Nirmala Convent is produced by Nagarjuna Akkineni, Nimmagadda Prasad under Annapurna Studios and Matrix Team Works.