Nagarjuna express disgust over Fire mishap

nagarjunaHero Nagarjuna expressed his disgust at fire mishap incident that took place in Annapurna Studios in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

He said, The Manam cinema set that was burnt to ashes, was his father’s Akkineni Nageshwara Rao’s last memory and he is feeling bad for losing it. However, he is very glad that no causalities registered in this accident.

The media that went to cover the incident was not allowed. Asked why Nagarjuna has not given them permission, Nagarjuna said its a privately owned property and if it is a public property, he would not stop the media.

He said Manam set was completely burned and it cost up to a Rs.2 crore. Recently, most of the films have been filmed in the set. Samantha has done some scenes in the movie ‘Raja Gari Room -2’ in this set.

He said they have kept the set in memory of their father but now it’s not a big thing when his father is not alive. He thanked the police and fire department who responded immediately to the fire.