Nagabharanam Movie Review – VFX Bites

ngabandham-review-telugusquareMovie : Nagabharanam

Director : Kodi Ramakrishna
Producers : Sajid Qureshi, Sohail Ansari, Dhaval Gada
Music Director : Gurukiran
Starring : Vishnuvardhan, Ramya Rating 2/5


Naga Charan(Digant) is a good singer whose life is World of Music, he always turns winner in every Music competition that he participate. Knowing this Manasa(Ramya) becomes his fan and starts killing him. While the govt plans to organize a world music competition and announce give a powerful Kalash (Nagabharanam) of Archaeology department as a prize to the winner.

Learning about the glory of that Kalash ,the most powerful businessman Oberoi (Mukul dev) approaches Naga Charan and request him to win the Kalash for him . But Naga charan refuse his request. Irritated Oberoi decides to eliminate Naga Charan, He engages his men to kill Naga Charan. But Manasa spoils the efforts of Oberoi.

Who is this Manasa? , What is her Flashback?, What miracles can that Kalash do which is with the Archeological department ? What happens after Evil wizard Kapali (Rajesh Vivek) teams up with Oberoi group? Who comes for Manasa rescue when she loses her power?..Watch on Big screen.


Digant and Ramya have engaged the audience with their performances in their respective roles. Saikumar role should have been more robust. Vivek impresses in Kapali role. Mukul Dev and Ravi Kale role should have been more commendable. Rest of the characters are just okay.


Technically the film is not up to the standards. Makuta’s Visual graphics are not up to the standards. The makers of the film have spent close to Rs 15 crores on VFX and graphics to bring the late actor Vishnuvardhan alive for a digital cameo in the film for an action sequence. But they should have concentrated on his Face expressions.

Nagabandham is a product of director Kodi Ramakrishna , who was the first one to bring graphics to Tollywood. Although there is a strong story in the film but the narration doesn’t look fresh. Many films have come in this genre where Divine Power clashes with Evil power . If it was told in an interesting way then the audience would feel a wow factor in the film. But nothing has happened, all the scenes went in a predictable way. Other Than Graphic Hungama nothing is impressive. Nowadays, Many films are coming with a budget of over 100 crores  and this product which is made with 40 crores, which tells its own standard.

Director Kodi Ramakrishna has to be appreciated for believing in the outdated story and rejected Nagin’s concept and helming the project with limited budget constraints. The climax scenes where late actor Vishnuvardhan was recreated with computer graphics , looks very much artificial.

+ Story
+ Digant, Ramya screen presence
– Screenplay
– Graphics

Overall Nagabharanam is an outdated routine story with unnecessary graphics, no music, no comedy or entertainment.

Rejected Nagin’s