Nagababu’s controversial comments on Pawankalyan

Mega brothers are emotional and straight forward people but this kind of behaviour may lead to more controversies . Nagababu the second brother of chiranjeevi made some controversial statement about Pawan Kalyan in Julayi audio function which distribed  all the mega fans. Nagababu said, that he never got a chance to talk about his brother Pawan. He also gave a clarification on ‘What’s the reason behind the huge craze for Pawan?’ In his words: “Even my wife asks me the same question always. Pawan Kalyan is not a great actor and also not a great dancer, but a great human being. More than as an actor or a star, People connect with his ideologies. Pawan feels shy to talk about himself or his work in audio launch events. So, he always prefer to show what he is as a person through his films. I’m proud of my Brother.”

This controversial statements may lead to more controversies as they have given an opportunity for other  heroes to take a chance and to use this as evidence in future .