Nag for ‘Theertha Yatra’

King Nagarjuna is all set to arrive with his new movie ‘Shirdi Sai’ but more than that, many are eagerly waiting to see the outcome of his other movie ‘Damarukam’. Apparently, this has been made at a budget of Rs 36 crores and it is the costliest ever made in the career of Nag.
Now, it is heard that the film is due for release during Dussehra and Nag has made his plans. It is heard that he wants to do a pilgrimage and visit the important shrines of Lord Shiva and offer his prayers for the success of the film. As such, the film has been pending from a long time and he wants this to be a hit given the budget and long wait involved.
The good side for the film is it has the awesome beauty Anushka whom the Telugu audience have been dying to see onscreen. Also, there is the heavy presence of graphics which are reportedly of top quality. All this put together along with Nag’s devotional quotient should bring in some positive results, let us hope so.