Naayak’s Censored?

Ramcharan’s upocoming release ‘Naayak’ has completed its first round of censor today . the movie for censor is previewed today on January 3rd 2013 at FDC Preview Theatre.

Censor Board team watched Naayak movie today. the team want to watch again it tomorrow and award the  certificate tomorrow . Censor members will watch the movie in digital version and physical print at Prasad Labs at 8am tomorrow. Rumours that, Naayak was supposed to be awarded with ‘A ‘certificate but Producers asking’ U/A’ without cuts. But officially the movie is scheduled for censor tomorrow and no certificate is awarded yet.

Ramcharan is playing a dual role as a mass guy and the other as a class guy. The first half of the movie, the mass guy does a series of murders. In the interval bang, the second guy gets arrested for the murders. When the judge is about to pronounce the judgement, the real culprit appears before the court and agrees his crime. And the second half is all about why he does all the murders.