Naayak USA Prints status

The US prints of Mega  Power Star Ramcharan’s high voltage action entertainer Naayak  will be dispatched today to five different destinations by five people in person later in the evening after midnight flights. 16 Physical prints and 70 Digital prints are being sent, which should help them reach in time for the premiere shows on 8th.  Naayak MPEG drives will reach USA on Tuesday 7:30 am flight and then deliver to local theaters via Cargo. The movie has completed its censor formalities yesterday and it has been awarded a A certificate.

The delay happened due to scissoring on on 8 reels for trimming. The movie is releasing in 102 locations highest till date . The advance booking is on full swing , picked up well and all the premiers show will see full house rest will depend on how the movie is received by audience.