Naayak has better stamina than SVSC

Pabahas Mirchi release has effected the business of both the sankranthi releases Ramcharan’s Naayak and Mahesh Babu’s “Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu”. Mirchi all set to release in record number of theaters already grabbed the theater of both the film, While Naayak sustained its effect, but SVSC turned to be complete washout before Mirchi.

SVSC completely out from Nellore , Ceded and in NIzam its total count fell to dead low of 22 theater from 101 last week including Raichur area. SVSC is running with deficit around 7k in Hyderabad main theater alone. In Krishna district, Yesterdays deficit was 2k while Naayak share was 11k , In ROI , Karnataka SVSC business is on close, other areas will soon follow the trend. The below count will tell the true stamina of the film.

SVSC Nizam count from tomorrow:- City-4,Warangal-3,Khammam-3, Karimnagar-2,Nizamabad-2, Mahaboobnagar-1,Nalgonda-5, Adilabad-1,Medak-1-Nizam total count is 22 theater(Including Raichur area)

and Naayak is better, its count Nizam from tomorrow:-City-6,Warangal-8,Karimnagar-6, Khammam-5,MBNR-5,Nalgonda-6, NZD-4,Adilabad-3,Medak-4,RR-4 Raichur Karnataka-9- Nizam total count is 60+ theaters

Whereas Mirchi count .. . . Hyderabad-83 and Nizam-162 , Total-245 (till date).