Mystery continues over Stolen Baby from Vijayawada

stolen-babyA newborn baby boy stolen from the governmnet Hospital while the baby was been kept in incubator center,  This has become Hot topic in AP as CCTV visuals released by the police were misleading.

Kalyani the mother of infact kept her baby in incubator in govt Hospital in vijayawada and found that her son was missing. , the three CCTV cameras of the Hospital were not working.

Parents and relatives of the missing infant boy have began a protest outside the hospital , later some visuals were released where two women handing over the baby to another woman . But the footage was reportedly  fake as the suspect woman came to the media ,clarifying that she is not the person and her baby is 5months old.  While the parents and their relatives camped at Hospital , Refused to leave the hospital, until their child is found.

Ten teams of police have been deployed to look out for the baby boy and 14 staff members of the Hospital to face serious action from authorities.