Mystery behind Mahesh’s surprise praises on Love Failure movie?

Love Failure has been getting great response from film fraternity even after two weeks of its release. Recently, S S Rajamouli stated that he found the performances and direction of the film to be impeccable and predicted that director Balaji Mohan has a great future. Now, Superstar Mahesh Babu has praised the film as one of the most innovative films in recent times. “love failure is 1of the most innovative films i saw in recent times..congrats to sidharth n d entire team for pulling it off..” Mahesh Babu tweeted.

Buoyed by the response to Mahesh Babu’s tweet, Siddharth thanked the star and replied, “Thank you superstar @urstrulyMahesh …your encouragement means the world to the entire Love Failure team…you are truly a class apart bro!”. There’s also a buzz that the film will soon be remade in Hindi.

This surprise praises on the ‘Love Failure ‘ gained importance in the wake  of Pawan Kalyan endorsed Ishq movie.Many say “Mahesh babu rarely tweets about any movies other than his own.Now this tweets from bluemoon are infact mysterious to an extent.Wonder Siddharth has any role in this announcement,  as Ishq is being endorsed by another Big head of Tollywood.Trade suggests that Ishq is stealing the loin share of market from the hands of Love failure.So Siddharth understood the importance of branding his product and who can be the best brand ambassador than Mahesh babu?”