Mysoora walks out throwing Mike angrily from TV9 studio

Quite contrary to his known nature, former MP Dr. M V Mysoora Reddy who joined the YSR Congress after he was suspended from the TDP for meeting Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, has thrown out the lapel mike and angrily walked out of a TV studio when the anchor started posing embarrassing questions.

Mysoora Reddy was in the studio of TV 9, on Friday afternoon when the channel anchor was questioning him about his past criticism of the late Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy as ‘Raja of Corruption’ and his present decision to join his son’s party.

Mysoora Reddy has denied the TDP allegation that it was he who had called Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy a ‘Raja of Corruption’.
It may be mentioned that TDP leader Revanth Reddy has alleged that it was Mysoora Reddy who coined the word and it was also he who had calculated that Jagan had amassed Rs. 1 lakh crore by misusing his father’s position.

Even as Mysoora was answering the anchor’s questions, a scrolling appeared on the TV screen that TDP MP CM Ramesh has called Mysoora a political prostitute.

When the anchor has questioned Mysoora about it, Mysoora refused to answer stating that he would not respond unless he heard or saw something.

When the TV anchor offered to ask the TDP MP CM Ramesh to speak to him over telephone for a face to face interaction, Mysoora has questioned, “Do you think you are CBI JD Lakshmi Narayana to call people and interrogate them face to face? You want to create a rift between me and TDP. It is wrong and journalistically unethical” said Mysora, throwing the lapel mike and walking out. He said the TV anchor had come with a mind set and wanted him to subscribe to it. He did not heed the request of the anchor to sit and continue the show.