Mysoora Bonda hard to digest !!

There is hardly anyone in the south who doesn’t like to have Mysore Bonda everyday.  Some will also prefer it for lunch and dinner too if given a chance. But here is one Bonda which has become very hard to digest and this is not just for the political circles but also for the people who are watching.

We are talking about Mysoora Reddy. Starting his career with Congress, he enjoyed all the positions and at one point, he got into a friction with YS Rajasekhar Reddy and jumped into TDP. There also, he enjoyed all the positions and now he  has jumped into another camp.

Ironically, he has joined YSR Congress led by Y S Jagan, the same person Mysoora contested against in the 2011 by-elections. It is clear that Mysoora has no personal values or ethics and realizing that TDP is growing weak and he would not stand a chance in 2014 elections, he has taken this jump.