Murugadoss Interview : Mahesh will reach peak after Spyder

maheshPopular Tamil director AR Murugadas and superstar Mahesh Babu combination bilingual film ‘Spyder’which also stars Rakulpreet Singh as the heroine, is gearing up for a grand release this coming Friday.

Speaking about the film Murugadoss said The scenes between Mahesh Babu (Spy Agent Shiva) – SJ Surya will be the highlight of the film. In general, the role of the villain in films is made strong. A strong antagonist is like having 30 gangsters around him.

The hero will eventually get rid of the villains. But the role of the villain in ‘Spyder’ is unique. It’s like Cat and the Mouse Game. Shiva fights with an unseen enemy. This theme will be new to the audience.

He said,”Mahesh Babu is usually four days for dubbing. But the Tamil version took about 15 days. I have insisted to pronounce Tamil words perfectly. Mahesh Babu is a superstar in Telugu, There is no doubt in that. After Spyder, His image will reach the peak level in Kollywood. The producers will be queuing up to release Mahesh movies in Tamil in future.

The Spyder unit has struggled to shoot the climax of the film It was a 15-day schedule and 500 junior artists participated. Even if there was a small problem, Again the frame has to be set.However, the team has successfully completed this schedule with great care and patience. All credit goes to cinematographer Peter Heinz who worked hard. He has already won a national award. With this film, once again the award will knock his door.