Murugadoss in awe of Mahesh Babu

maheshSuperstar Mahesh Babu is an extremely fluent speaker of Tamil as he was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu .

The command on the Tamil language that Mahesh has, is now extremely helpful for the filmmaker AR Murugadoss, who is presently directing a Tamil and Telugu bilingual with Mahesh.

Murugadoss said, “I’ve always admired Mahesh Babu and am in awe of his screen presence. Audiences will see him in a different avatar in the film”.

The actor has impressed the entire cast and crew with his fluency in Tamil. It has become a easy task for the director and the technicians to communicate with the actor and explain what they need from the actor.

The presence of a large number of Tamil technicians on the set would have caused problems for other stars. But for Mahesh , the Murugadoss film set is like second home.