Murali Mohan clarification on Pawan Kalyan’s remarks

mmTDP MP Murali Mohan gave clarification to Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan’s remarks over his lands in Hyderabad that,  He approached the High Court when his 18 acres of land was about to be acquired for construction of Outer Ring Road at Hyderabad By Rajashekar Reddy’s government.

Murali Mohan explained as what made him to approach the Supreme Court over his 18 acres of lands near the outer ring road. He said, Initially, the outer ring road plan didn’t include his lands but YSR changed the alignment of the outer ring road to grab his lands that is when he approached the court.

He said, Pawan Kalyan might not know about these facts, He welcomed Pawan’s suggestion to meet farmers in andhra . He said he would love to tour along with Pawan in the andhra villages .