Mumbai kid becomes Indian first victim of Blue Whale Game

blue-whale-gameMumbai kid becomes Indian first victim of Blue Whale Game, the 14- year kid committed suicide by playing the Blue Whale Challenge.

The Blue Whale challenge ends in suicide , a 50-ish-day series of challenges .These start out simple like walking up at a certain time during night , it gets more complicated later on.

Few other challenges like cut yourself, carving a specific number , a blue whale image into your skin using knife. Once the game is downloaded , it hacks the phone and tries to steels all the information , if you try to quit the game. It will tell you that you’re not allowed to stop or your family will be killed or other terrible things.

Later you’ll be told to stand on the edge of a tall building and told to kill yourself . So far at least 130 kids have died across the globe.

The first case reported was 14-year old schoolboy Manpreet Singh Sahani allegedly walking off the fifth floor of his building in Shere-e-Punjab Colony in Andheri East on July 30 evening and jumped off.