Mudragada to extend conditional support to Pawan Kalyan

Mudragada - Pawan KalyanKapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham to extend his support to Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan on a conditional basis.

He said He will support Pawan Kalyan only if Pawan leaves the movies and plunge into full-fledged politics.

He conducted Kapu JAC meeting in Kakinada on Wednesday, Speaking on the occasion he said, People are not in a position to believe Pawan who comes out after six months and organize meetings. If he wants to make full-time politics, he should leave the movies and fight on public issues.

He added Pawan can prepare plans only after coming into public and fight the issues along with people. JAC leaders are in a view that Justice for Kapus will be done with Pawan Kalyan as CM and JAC leaders felt it would be possible if all social classes support him.

The meeting was attended by JAC leaders Pollala Ashok, Adappa Nagendra, S. Kumar, Badri, Dasari Ramu, Aletti Prakash, J. Amaranth, Purushotham and Hariprasad.