Mudragada to go Fast Unto Death over Tuni Arrests

mudragada_padmanabhamKapu Leader Mudragada Padmanabham allaged that AP CM chandrababu governmnet is harassing their community and arresting their community people in Tuni incident.

He alalged that Kapu commission has not started it work yet regarding Kapu reservations. He gave a deadline to AP govt that the Govt must release his followers and withdraw all cases in Tuni incident otherwise he will make a Indefinite Hunger strike on 9th June, 9.00 am.

AP CM trying to divide and rule the Kapus , Why should Naidu promise Kapus? and why he is getting away from promise, questioned the Kapu leader.

He allaged that , It was Naidu who created havoc when Paritala Ravindra was murdered. Even during stripping NTR’s position as CM. He hold CM responsible for Tuni incident. For self image of Naidu in Godavari Pushkaralu, 29 people were died, alleged the Kapu leader.