MSG -The Warrior Lion Heart in Telugu on Oct 7

msg-the-warrior-lion-heartMSG -The Warrior Lion Heart in Telugu on Oct 7

Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ‘s third instalment of MSG series, MSG-The Warrior Lion Heart is all set to release on Oct 7 in 5 languages including Telugu, Tamil ,Malayalam, Hindi and English.

The promotions of the film took a kick start. MSG The Warrior Lion Heart, taking Film Promotion to another level. the first promotion with live fans was watched by 2.5 lakhs.

Interestingly Gurmeet appeared before Telugu media for the promotion of the Telugu version of the film. He said He wants to send his message through entertainment by making films. He also claims that the film will attract the young audience as it has fantasy elements.The income generated will be used for charity purpose ,said the saint actor.

The saint turned actor is the creative director, sound designer, prop designer, scriptwriter, Music Director, Casting Director and what not ! for the film.