MS Narayana as Mahesh Babu in Naayak !

Every character in Naayak were utilised properly at the same time crafted them is such a way to take revenge on arch rivals .

The look & feel of MS.Narayana character as drunken CBI officer resembles Mahesh babu, The attire, gesture and body language are made keeping  Mahesh Babu in mind without mentioning anything such. Directer Vinayak followed same policy of Srinu Vitla , to indirectly sari-re on other heroes leading to hilarious comedy. However , care was taken not to hurt any one with the film. Dookudu was the film film which started such culture and the same continues.

Earlier after Businessman release MS.Narayana  portraited Mahesh’s role of Businessman in 2-3 films and MS had done it perfectly , that’s the reason a director Vinayak penned this character for him.