Mouth Shut for babblers on Pawan Kalyan’s beard

pawan gymAdigo puli ante idigo thoka annadata (అదిగో పులి అంటే ఇదిగో తోక అన్నడ త) A popular gossip/news website published an article saying that Pawan has chopped off his  Beard and posted a merged photos of Pawan Kalyan with left hand side in beard and Right hand side with clean shave.

This site has a habit of writing lengthy passages if served with an interesting photo. It also said Pawan has a dazzling spark on his cheeks and a dazzling glow. Interestingly , Some of the news channels to fill their gaps, continue to spread the same gossips published by this website.

Now after watching the below video published by silly monks (authentic source) the so-called website has to answer whether they have stepped into sludge by writing such kind of gossips without rechecking.

The video clearly shows that Pawan Kalyan has a bushy beard and he was spotted by the crowd outside a GYM in Bangalore on June 26th 2015. Watch the video.